24 November 2008

Saving Money for the UNC System via IT

Hi, all. What are some ways that we can help the UNC University System save money via Information Technology in these challenging times? I've started the list but please chime in.
  • Sharing information and learning on IT. If you've found a free tool or some creative way to accomplish a task, more than likely others can benefit from it.
  • More cooperation among the UNC system institutions on IT projects; why not share code and ideas on projects? We're all working for the betterment of the State of North Carolina. But obviously, for such sharing to occur, there needs to be some form of state-wide communication among the IT departments of UNC schools.
What are your thoughts? What have you done to save money in your IT department (or because of your IT department)?


Mike said...

As you know, Alex, one thing we are looking at in IT at UNC-TV is to conserve power better while still getting patching done by utilizing Wake-On-LAN technologies to power on a computer and patch it with our patch software, BigFix. If any of you are using BigFix, here is a nice link about the different WOL tools they integrate into the BigFix environment:

Alex C said...

Thanks, Mike. That's a great link and a powerful software to help conserve power.

Anonymous said...

what about foregoing the holiday party? People will understand.

Alex C said...

Parties can be great for morale, but they can be made less expensive (pot luck, anyone?).