16 July 2009

Turn off Flash player debug messages

If you use the Flash debugger version in your browsers, you often see the AS3 debug window on sites around the Internet. Anytime an exception is encountered, the debug window pops up. This happens almost daily with the MSNBC site.

There's an easy way to disable the debug messages without uninstalling the Flash debug player; these instructions are for Windows, though the same concept applies to the other platforms.
  1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[your_login_name]
  2. Open/create the file mm.cfg.
  3. Add the following to the file:
If you need to re-enable the debugging, change the 1 to a 0.


yaqoob said...

thanks! very useful tip

George said...

Thank you. I can now suppress the annoying 'non-error' messages I keep getting. Any idea why these exceptions get thrown in the debugger version of Flash player but not when testing in the IDE? Is the debug version just more strict?

Alex C said...

You're welcome. That's a good question. It might be that the debugger catches stuff that the IDE doesn't. It's useful when building apps, but not for surfing the web.

Best Flash Stock said...

Thanks, this is very helpful because many flash files are just hard rewritten from as2 to as3, and there are no error handling... Need to pass some time to more developers switch to as3 and use error handling....

gyurci said...

Thank you for the tip, but don't work for me. Tried in FF, Chrome, IE. Create new fla, throw new Error and it will display always.