08 April 2015

Publishing to an Azure website from Visual Studio 2015

This was trickier than expected. We thought it had to do with permissions, but even with Owner access to the Azure site, it still gave errors (a code 99 with Grunt, having nothing on Google about it). Well, I was trying to get Less installed on Visual Studio, and an article revealed that Grunt wasn't installed; nor was Bower.

The article walked me through installing Grunt and Bower, which help with running jobs and managing client-side packages, respectively. Then I still got this error:
INVOKEPOWERSHELL(0,0): Error : Unrecognized link extension 'contentLibExtension'.
Some more digging revealed a StackOverflow post with the answer. It had to do with an old version of the msdeploy.exe file. And then the publish worked like a charm.

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